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The SYNCHRONICITY project is the result of several „threads“ that have intertwined in my life recently.

It is the result of my search for feminine, collective energy. By feeding my female nature in this way and satisfying the herd instinct - I also found inspiration to take a risk in an artistic interpretation of an important issue in a woman's life - the menstruation. Simply because I have started to wonder if I have the freedom to talk about this. Taking it up, and what is important, including myself in the project I released myself from shame.

In addition, I found the topic of bleeding and the synchronization of cycles while women staying together – very interesting. I know that on a conscious level and in action we influence each other. But the fact that it also happens on a subconscious, organic, biological level is something that amazes me.

Synchronicity, embroidery on gauze, 10 pieces: 100 cm x 250 cm, red thread

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