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In the CONNECTIONS project I want to get to know and artistically interpret the "connections" between all members of the chosen family.

Below I present the stages of the project that I have carried out so far in cooperation with the Pstrągowski family.

1. First, I send a link to the questionnaire. Example of the question: What color are you? If you were to be the hero of a myth or legend - what kind? Etc.

2. We meet in a place that a family likes, where they feel safe.

3. Before the action, I record short (2 min.) Statements of each member of the Family. What he feels and what he expects.

4. I put each person in the chosen place. I use the knowledge from the questionnaires, short conversations and my intuition.

5. I "connect" all of them with colored ribbons. Their eyes are closed all the time.

6. They open their eyes and change connections their way.

7. We talk for a while about what each person felt during the project.


Here you can see the effect of my "interpretation" of connections between family members. On "three" everyone open their eyes...

And now they can reinterpret my installation and create their own.


Each of them can express what they experienced during the process.

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