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I am a graduate of the European Academy of Art in Warsaw at the graphics department.

For several years I worked as an art director and creative director in advertising agencies such as Saatchi & Saatchi.

In 2019, I have an eureka moment and decided to start my artistic journey again. Unexpectedly, even for me, embroidery was the most suitable for me, and fabrics as the most flexible and inspiring tool for my experiments. Since then, I have been constantly learning and developing my so-called style and way of thinking and creating.

My first projects were very simple and mostly embroidered portraits. Recently, I have been creating installations / sculptures more and more often. I use threads, fabrics and other materials (mostly recycled) to express my ideas. I create projects that say something about me as a human, woman, mother, artist and what is important to me and people I care. Especially I am sensitive to relationships of all kinds - for example, between two people, between people from the same family, between people and objects, people and Nature.

Often my feelings – fear, anger, joy or my needs are often a starting point to transform them into art. I hope that other people find value in it and a healing role. Freedom, equality and ecology are the most important values for me.

My vision for future art is to do it in a participatory manner. This is how I carry out my project O_KRĘGI (CIRCLES) - during several workshops, women embroider their portraits that will be part of a installation.

I was twice a scholarship holder the Minister of Culture and National Heritage in Poland.

The first time was in 2020 - while I was creating the animated film TABULA RASA with hand-embroidered illustrations (

The following year, in 2021, I embroidered the “Panorama of a small town”, 21 meters long and 1 meter wide - a collective portrait of the inhabitants of my hometown Koluszki

Currently I am working on an artistic-participatory project O_KRĘGI (O_CIRCLES). I invite women of all ages, from different towns and cities to embroider self-portraits.


In Frydrychów (a village in the Łódź poviat) I set up an open-air gallery called "Three deers". This year, the first artistic residency took place there:



WATER / individual / BWA Kielce / November 2022

IMAGES TO BE TOLD / group / Ethnographic Museum / Wrocław / November 2022 - January 2023

FESTIVAL OF FIBER / group / Książnica Pomorska / Szczecin / September 2022 

PANORAMA OF A SMALL TOWN / individual / Water Tower Gallery / Bydgoszcz / September 2022 

INTERNATIONAL ARTISTIC LINEN CLOTH BIENNIAL “Z krosna do Krosna” / group / Museum of Craft / Krosno / August 2022 - June 2024 

8 WOMEN / indyvidual / Spółdzielnia Ogniwo Gallery / Krakow / July 2022 

MATERIAL THINKING / group / Prom Kultury Gallery / Warsaw / June 2022 

FIBER ART / group / ZPAP Gallery / Warsaw / May 2022 

PANORAMA OF A SMALL TOWN / individual / LUFCIK Gallery / Warsaw / April 2022 

PANORAMA OF A SMALL TOWN / individual / U.M. Gallery / Koluszki / February 2022 

TOUCH OF THE FABRIC / group / ZPAP Gallery / Warsaw / May 2021 

TOUCH OF THE FABRIC / group / Łaźnia Gallery / Radom / June 2021 

EWENEMENT / indyvidual / APTEKA Gallery / Warsaw / March 2021 


DISCOVERED / EMBROIDERY PROJECTS / Mikromiasto Gallery / WARSAW / November 2019 

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